To build a dream. Part 1 / 4

To build a dream.  Part 1 / 4

The story of “At Ease Beach Hotel” started in 2014. We (Dinesh and Merete) found a beach land for sale just 200 metres from our home in Hikkaduwa. A fisherman and his family lived on this land. He had his catamaran boat on the beach outside the house, and fishing tools where hanging in the coconut trees in the garden.


The place did not look anything like where a tourist would like to stay, but we immediately saw potential. The beach was the most beautiful and peaceful place, unlike everything else in the area!

At Ease Beach Hotel Land 2015

Then came a long periode of planning and preparing.  The bureaucratic challenge of building approvals and all the formal and legal work took a lot of time and energy. Then, finally in 2016 we were ready to start the actual work on the land. Step one was to take down the house that was there, and clear the land.

At Ease Beach Hotel Land 2015

We were ready to start building.  Jump to  PART 2!

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