To build a dream. Part 2 / 4

To build a dream.  Part 2 / 4

22.07.2016 is a day we will never forget.

In Sri Lanka, astrology is a important part of everyday life. To get a “good time” for everything from weddings, moving in to a new house, and to start a building process, is believed to be of significant importance. We wanted to follow the traditions here, and arranged a blessing ceremony at the time we were given as a lucky time. Hopefully this will bring luck to our hotel!

Munks, family, friends and workers were invited to the ceremony. Coconut milk was boiled, milk rice were served and the holy munks blessed the land, and the works ahead. Dinesh got the honour to put the very first brick stone in the ground. We were ready to start build our hotel!

From that day things started happening fast. In the initial phase most of the work happened under ground. When putting up a large building close to the sea, it is important to have a solid and steady foundation. Of course, this process was supervised by architects and engineers to get everything correct. The work was done by local craftsmen.

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