To build a dream. Part 3 / 4

To build a dream. Part 3 / 4

After buying the land, and blessings, the work started progressing in the Autumn and Winter of 2016. Thousands bags of sand and cement were mixed on the ground here. And thousands of bricks were placed on the land. Hard work, mostly by hand and in the warm climate of Hikkaduwa.

In 2017 we could start to actually see that this would be a hotel. Our beach hotel!

Some weeks were filled with progress. The second slab up, roof ready and the base of the swimming pool ready. Some weeks were setbacks, bad weather and frustrations. The amount of work hours, including planning and organisation felt like a 200% job for most uf us involved.

But again, we could see that this hotel would be ready this year. Our beach hotel!


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Or continue to part 4.

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