To build a dream. Part 4 / 4

To build a dream. Part 4 / 4

We originally planned to open in June 2017. But nothing goes as planned here in Sri Lanka, and we had to postpone the opening.

Some bad weather had affected the final stage of the building process, and more time was needed to complete. The summer was spent on finishes, painting and furnitures. In this stage we also focused on using local craftsmen and material from the area whenever possible.

In September we were doing the final touches, with the deadline getting closer and closer.

An Araliya tree was brought from Galle, to decorate the front entrance of the hotel (picture below).

October 1th 2017

The day was finally here. Opening day!

In the early morning we cleaned out the last cement bags and paint buckets. Then we arranged a blessing ceremony, boiling coconut milk on the floor.

After cleaning the rooms and floors our first four guest checked in!

Four happy Norwegian boys, got the honour of trying out the hotel beds, the swimming pool and the bar for the very first time!

Our very first guests checked in October 2017

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