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Hikkaduwa is a beach town stretched along the Indian Ocean on the south-west coast of Sri Lanka, approximately 120 km south of Colombo (about two hours drive). Known for great surfing, white sandy beaches and huge sea turtles Hikkaduwa is a great place to spend some relaxing days to enjoy Sri Lankan beach life.

There are three main beaches in Hikkaduwa worth knowing about:

  • In the south you have Narigama Beach, where our hotel is located. This is the widest and quietest part of the beach in Hikkaduwa. Here you can spot local fishermen in the morning and enjoy a peaceful morning walk, if you’d like.
  • All the way to the north is Hikkaduwa Corals Beach, which is a good place for snorkelling and swimming.
  • In between these beaches you have a narrower beach where you can find the best surfing spots and lots of local restaurants and bars.

Hikkaduwa has a lot of sights and activities to offer, both on land and at sea. Here are some tips on what to see in the area:

Here’s a map of all the places mentioned above: