Hotel art from Saffron Robes

🎨 Hotel Art from Saffron Robes

When building At Ease Beach hotel we used local craftsmen and material whenever possible. The architect, contractor and workers where all from Hikkaduwa. The carpenter build our furnitures 200 meters from the hotel. The electrician and plumber lives few kilometres from us. So when it was time to add some art and interior design, we ordered all our art for the hotel from Saffron Robes in Hikkaduwa.

Saffron Robes Gallery and Living

The brothers running this studio in Hikkaduwa are really talented. They are creative and has a good eye for interior and design. Highly recommended for everyone looking for decorations for their guest house, hotel or villa! Check out their website for more examples of their work.

Our request for them was to get inspiration from the beach and the sea. In addition we told them about our favourite aqua-colour. They made a beautiful art piece for our front desk, with colourful fishes. Sea, sand and blu skies are also the theme for the paintings in the rooms.

Art and design from Saffron Robes:

The lobby interior is also designed by them. In the year to come, more decorations are on the way into our hotel to match the look and style we love😍.

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