How to stay connected during your holiday πŸ›œ

Are you, like me, a bit addicted to being online, even when you’re on vacation? I get it – there are photos to share, family to update, and maybe that one important email you just HAVE to reply to πŸ˜…

So, here are my top tips on how to stay connected during your holiday in Sri Lanka πŸ›œ

First, the 2 worst options:

  1. Using mobile data/roaming via your normal phone subscription.
  2. Relying on available Wi-Fi at hotels and restaurants.

No matter what your mobile operator claims, it’s EXPENSIVE πŸ’Έ to call, text, and use the internet outside your home country – especially outside Europe. So, remember to turn off roaming before you board the plane!

Wi-Fi isn’t as widespread as in Europe. Sure, hotels usually have Wi-Fi, but the signal is often weak and slooooow. Plus, using public networks is a security risk. Save yourself the hassle and frustration – bring your own internet with you in your pocket.

Buy a SIM Card with a Data Package in Sri Lanka!

The best, safest, and most affordable way to get online in Sri Lanka is by purchasing a local SIM card. You can easily do this in the arrivals hall at the airport or in the nearest town or village.

Here, our driver Passan points to the Mobitel booth in the arrivals hall (where you’ll meet our driver for the first time):

After that, you can download the Mobitel Selfcare app, making it easy to top up your data or monitor your usage.

If you prefer not to register with the app, you can easily top up data packages at any small kiosks around the country. It’s very affordable here in Sri Lanka.

4G networks are well-developed in Sri Lanka, and there’s good coverage in most places. (even 5G in some main cities) There are some remote areas where the signal is weak, but in larger towns, it’s generally excellent πŸ‘

No room for an extra SIM card in your phone?

And still want to stay reachable on your home number?

Mobitel now also offers e-SIMs that you can purchase online. I haven’t tested this yet myself.

To use a physical SIM, it might be handy to bring an extra old phone or a wireless 4G router to put the SIM card in. This is also practical if you’re traveling with others. You can split the data cost and use the router as a hotspot.

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