new evisa srilanka apåril 2024

And just like that 😅 from one day to another:  on April 17th 2024, a new web page to apply for e-visa to Sri Lanka was introduced. I spend most of the day yesterday testing it out, and I have a few thoughts to share.

You will find an overview of it (including rant 😂) here:

To begin with, the new e-visa for Sri Lanka can be applied for via a dedicated website:

👉 👉

What is the new e-visa for Sri Lanka?

The move to a system under IVS-GBS & VFS Global Group is a step forward, but there are some concerns that I have with this new process, which I will detail later in this post.

One of the major changes with the new e-visa system is the revision of visa duration. The previously available 30-day visa for most Europeans has been extended. The new options now are for 60 days (within a 6-month period), with added options of 1, 2, 5, and 10 years. This is great for tourists who wish to stay longer in Sri Lanka.

On the other hand, tourists from China, India, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan can avail a 30-day e-visa for free. While citizens from Singapore, Maldives, Seychelles, and The Czech Republic do not need a visa at all. (will be revised April 30)

The price of the visa, however, has increased. The standard tourist visa price is now USD 75, and with the addition of service fees, the total price comes to USD 100. This is quite high compared to the previous pricing, and could potentially deter tourists from visiting.

I also found the application process to be quite tedious. Applicants are required to include a .jpg image of their bio page in the passport and a .jpg image of a passport photo. All the questions in the forms take even longer time to fill than the previous ETA-application page.

PS: is important to note that the maximum file size for images is 1 MB.

On the positive note:

Despite the overly complicated application process, I do see some positives in the new e-visa system. The extended duration for visas is a welcome change for tourists who wish to spend more time in Sri Lanka. The website also includes a chat feature, which can be useful for resolving queries 👍

However, the abrupt rollout of the new system leaves me with several unanswered questions: Why was there not a slow rollout of the new system? Why was there a complete change implemented from one day to the next? How does this impact visa on arrival? Are approved ETA’s still valid in April/ May?

Moreover, the increased pricing for the visa is a concern. A British, German, Swedish or French tourist is now expected to pay USD 100 for a visa for a 2-week holiday. Meanwhile, Russian tourists get a free visa. This could potentially deter tourists from these countries from visiting Sri Lanka.

In conclusion, while the new e-visa system for Sri Lanka has some benefits, it also presents several challenges which could impact tourism in the country. It is my hope that these issues are addressed to make the visa application process more efficient and affordable for all.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter. What do you think about the new e-visa system for Sri Lanka? Please share your views in the comments section below.

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