Sri Lanka with kids

Should you travel to Sri Lanka with kids? Is it a family friendly travel destination?

Short answer: YES ❤️ In fact, families are often the most happy guests in Sri Lanka. Travelling with kids, you will feel welcome everywhere, and the younger children will get a lot of positive attention 😍. And besides, Sri Lanka is full of activities that children love. Some highlights are :

🐘 Seeing elephants and other wild animals on safari.

🏄 Surfing, swimming and playing on the beach.

⛰ Train ride + easy trekking in the Highlands.

🐢 Snorkling with turtles in Hikkaduwa.

There are some important facts to consider, and ways to make sure your family-holiday will be as pleasant and enjoyable as possible – for the whole family. I will go through some of this here:

What to bring for a family holiday in Sri Lanka:

  • Quality sun screen.
  • Kids books and entertainment.
  • Diapers (+ washable for swimming♻️ ).
  • Baby food (if your baby is a picky eater).

What you can get in Sri Lanka:

  • Summer clothes, t-shirts and dresses.
  • Laundry service.
  • Beach toys, colouring books etc.
  • Baby formula.
  • FOOD: A limited selection of commercial baby food – but abundance of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, chicken, rice and potatoes. 😊 PS: Just ask at our restaurant – and we can prepare something your kids like!
Hikkaduwa beach surfing children

Travelling with kids?

A swimming pool will the take holiday to the next level 💦💙 You can relax in the sun bed, while your energetic little ones, can swim, div, float and jump 🐬 all day long!

Maybe you can even finish that book you always bring for a holiday 😆

Where to visit visit with Children?

Round Tour Sri Lanka At Ease

Do you have other questions about travelling to Sri Lanka with kids?

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