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Sigiriya, also known as Lion’s Rock, is one of Sri Lanka’s most awe-inspiring landmarks. This ancient rock fortress and palace is famed for its magnificent frescoes and intricate water gardens, offering a glimpse into the island’s rich history and architectural prowess.

But with a challenging ascent of 1,200 steps and a steep entry fee of USD 36 per person, you might wonder: is the journey worth it? Here’s our personal experience:

More about the travel to Sigiriya with kids:

Sigiriya is one of Sri Lankas 8 UNESCO listed places. I is located in the middle of Sri Lanka a bit to the north. It is 3,5 hours drive from the airport, and it is a part of most tourists round tour in Sri Lanka.

Sigiriya is included in our 10 days tour: 👉👉 SRI LANKA AT EASE.

10 tips for the best experience in Sigirya: 

1. Get up early:  Beat the heat, beat the crowds and make the journey more manageable for kids. 

2. Stay at a hotel in Sigiriya / Dambulla the night before

3. Capture Memories: Bring a camera or smartphone to capture special moments and create lasting memories of your Sigiriya adventure.

4. Wear Comfortable Clothing and  and sturdy footwear.

5. Educate and Inspire: Share the history, geology, or wildlife of the area to foster curiosity and appreciation for the environment.

6. Take Breaks: Take regular breaks along the way to rest, enjoy the view, and let the kids catch their breath.

7. Describe it as an ADVENTURE — not just a trip or hike. 

8. Bring water bottles & snacks.

9. Explore Surrounding Areas: After conquering Sigiriya, explore nearby attractions like Pidurangala Rock or the Sigiriya Museum for added fun.

10. Stay at a hotel with a swimming pool – so that you can relax and cool down after the climb.  = the best experience requires minimum 2 nights in the area.

Sigiriya with kids

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