Day tour Hikkaduwa Madu River

A day tour in Hikkaduwa: River safari, turtles and shining moonstones

This popular day tour will start with a boat safari in an area called Madu River, just 15 minutes drive from Hikkaduwa.

Madu River is a mangrove wetland in the south-west of Sri Lanka, about 20 km north of Hikkaduwa. It has a high ecological, biological and aesthetic significance, being home to 303 species of plants and 248 species of vertebrate animals.

Day tour Hikkaduwa Madu River

You will explore the area by boat, and will see fish farming, try fish massage, learn about cinnamon production and visit a small island temple.

Day tour Hikkaduwa Madu River
Day tour Hikkaduwa Madu river

In the mangrove you will also find a really unique wildlife. Water monitors (under -left image) and giant bats are a common sight and the variety of birds is stunning.

Day tour Hikkaduwa Madu River

The daytour includes 🐢turtles:

Next stop is a turtle hatchery, on a mission to save the Srilankan sea turtles.

Read all about the Turtle Hatcheries HERE 👇

Turtle hatchery Hikkaduwa

Moonstone Mine 💎 in Hikkaduwa:

On the last stop you will learn about the famous gem, moonstone.

A visit in the gemstone mine is really interesting. Sri Lanka is famous for its gems, and here in the south it is the shiny white moonstone that can be found deep into the ground.

Day tour Hikkaduwa moonstone
Day tour Hikkaduwa moonstone

You will see the hard work that goes into first getting the stone up from 10+ metres, and then turning it into beautiful jewelries. 💍 The owner will normally show you around in his shop as well. Just remember, you don´t HAVE TO buy anything 😉

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