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Travel rules Sri Lanka


πŸ“§ :  Get your e-visa: 

πŸ›‚: Your passport should be valid 6 months after departure.

βš•οΈCovid-19: Only NOT vaccinated tourists above 12 years need a PCR / Antigen test before travel to Sri Lanka now. (updates:

For more details on the rules to enter Sri Lanka, watch my YouTube videos.

Planning to Travel to Sri Lanka?

This is what you need to know, and the documents you need:

Rules to enter Sri Lanka - Hello Again
All the rules: Children, Recovered from Covid, Vaccinated.

Travel Insurance, Sri Lanka 2022:

We would recommend anyone travelling to Sri Lanka to have a good Travel Insurance. This will have you covered in case of last minute cancellation, by accidents, thefts or other things that can happen during your travel in Sri Lanka.

The Specific Covid 19-insurance is no longer mandatory. (Since June 2022)

Health Declaration Form:

It is no longer mandatory to fill out the Health Declaration Form (since April 2022)

Visa to travel to Sri Lanka:

You will find all the details in this blog post:

Visa to Sri Lanka
My Travel Tips | Travel Sri Lanka

Visa to Sri Lanka

Yes, most tourists need a visa to be allowed to travel to Sri Lanka. You can apply for the ETA (Travel Authorization) to get a tourist visa online. New in 2022 is that you can apply for both a 30 days and a 180 days visaπŸ™ This is the (only) official application page: πŸ‘‰ How…

Do you want to know more about travel to Sri Lanka?

Check out the page: Travel Sri Lanka At Ease.

Do you need PCR test before exit Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka does not have a rule about testing before you exit the country. It is not required to have a negative test to enter Bandaranaike International Airport.

However, the country you are flying to might require a negative test before boarding the flight. Also some airlines require a negative test before flying.

🚩Please check with the country of destination and the airline you booked with what you need to arrange.

Where to get a PCR test in Hikkaduwa:

We can help you to book an appointment for PCR testing in Hikkaduwa when you are staying with our hotel. Please note we are not responsible for the appointment, but will help you to call and arrange everything.

Several private laboratories offer the service to come to our hotel to test you here. Easy, safe and convenient 😊

PCR testing hotel Hikkaduwa

Nawaloka Laboratory – Galle – 

They come to the Hotel for testing!

Price:  LKR 7.500 Time:  from 06:30 to 18:30

PCR report:  English report given next day – within 24 hours. 

(Book by WhatsApp:  send photo of flight ticket & passport, location, and time) 

☎️    +94772671256

Hikkaduwa:  Derana Medical Laboratory 

Go yourself to the laboratory for testing!

Price:  LKR 6.500 Time:  Morning 10-12

PCR report:  English report given next day – 24 hours. 

(Book appointment and bring copy of flight ticket & passport) 

☎️ +94912 274 696

Lanka Hospital  Galle/Ambalangoda

They come to the Hotel for testing!

Price:  LKR 6.500 (+5.000 for transport) Time:  from 06:00 to 19:00

PCR report:  English report given within 12 hours. 

(Book by WhatsApp:  send photo of flight ticket & passport, location, and time) 

☎️  +94763123308

Rapid PCR test 2 minutes from Airport πŸ›«:

AASL Hospinorm Laboratory & Lounge

Location – 

Price:  USD 40   Time: Open 24/7

PCR Report:  3 hours English report valid for all Airlines  

(Drop inn, you donΒ΄t need appointment. Bring copy of flight ticket & passport) 

So, what if the test is positive?

If your pre-departure PCR test comes back postive – it means you can not fly out from Sri Lanka as planned. This is due to safety and rules from the Airlines you are flying with.

You will need to quarantine in special designated hotels here in Sri Lanka for 10 days – or until you get a negative Rapid Antigen test.

Watch Meretes new video to learn more about this:

πŸ‘‰Learn more about the Covid care at Lanka Hospitals.

☎️ or contact: + 94 11 553 0000

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about theCovid care at Nawaloka Hospitals.

☎️ or contact: + 94 77 116 6116

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