Slow Season in Hikkaduwa

From the middle of May to the middle of June is the most relaxing time for us 😴 This time of year usually sees fewer tourist arrivals overall, especially here in the south of Sri Lanka.

Our hotel is currently closed for some much-needed maintenance work. We are painting all surfaces, upgrading the rooms and bathrooms, and more.

So we’re not just relaxing 😅

However, we do take this opportunity to slow down a bit. The high season (December to April) was intense this year, resulting in a heavy workload for us. Running a hotel and a tour company, while also caring for two small kids, isn’t always easy. So these days, our main focus is on family and slowing down! 💕

After all, busy times are coming in as a wave soon 🌊. By the end of June, we need to be prepared for the summer season. July and August are always busy with families traveling to Sri Lanka.

Thereafter, September will slow things down again before the new peak winter season waves in.

 🌊 slow  🌊 busy 🌊 slow  🌊 busy

Updated travel information: 

As I am not so handy with the paint brush or tools  😅🔨 – what I do most for work these slow days is to publish updated travel information to our 🌏web page and my 📽️Youtube-channel; Travel Sri Lanka At Ease.

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Travel Plans:

I am also planning a few trips in Sri Lanka over the next few months. I travel to do research on how we can create even better tours around the country for our customers. It’s definitely my favorite part of my job because I love to travel!

I hope to visit both of my favorite summer destinations: Arugam Bay and Trincomalee. I also plan to explore more of the beautiful highlands ⛰️ and create more travel vlog-style videos of our experiences to share with you.

PS: Did you see the latest travel video from when we went off the beaten track to Mannar Island?

I hope you find the balance of slow and busy that YOU like in May. 

And as always:  don´t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about travelling to Sri Lanka. 

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