Valentines day hikkaduwa

💖 Do you want something special  for Valentine´s Day dinner?

I have an idea for you!

Romantic dinner on the beach for 💖 Valentine´s Day.

candle light dinner

The team at our hotel would be happy to arrange a romantic dinner on the beach for you. With the sand under your feet, and (hopefully) a beautiful sun set above you. This must be the best setting for a lovely time.

Our team will arrange a nicely decorated table, with candle lights. We will give our best service!

Special 5 course Menu

restaurant At Ease Fruit salad

Starter: Prawn Cocktail.

Soup: Creamy Mushroom Soup.


Chicken lollypop with Asian dipping sauce.

Fried Seer Fish with Asian dressing and Golden Egg Rice.

Dessert: Pineapple Fruit Salad and home made ice cream.

Tea or Coffee.

Drinks, wine or cocktails can be ordered at the table. We also have a vegetarian menu by request. Please contact us by mail in advance if you are interested.

👉 Read more about our special Deals and packages HERE.

Hope to see you!

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