Thambili coconut Hikkaudwa At Ease

The Thambili or King Coconut is a Srilankan speciality. A perfect supplement on a warm, sunny day.

Packed with electrolytes and 100% natural, with a delicious taste! Beats any sugar-packed Energy drinks served in plastic bottles!

This is some of the benefits of drinking Thambili:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Get an energy kick
  • Contains electrolytes and vitamins: C & B
  • Healthy (fat free, cholesterol free, gluten free)
  • Reduce risk of high blood pressure.
  • Can treat bladder and kidney problems
  • ECO friendly and natural.
  • Help supporting the local community.

Thambili coconut Hikkaudwa At Ease
Thambili Coconut – served At Ease Beach Hotel in Hikkaduwa

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